Convert PDF files into virtual online magazines


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Reading PDF files is sometimes very annoying, they are different to real papers and we don't get used to them.

Youblisher is a free online application that will help you to experience the half-way step between real paper and PDF files. Youblisher will transform your PDF files into virtual magazines and books.

Creaing a virtual book using Youblisher is very easy, in fact, you only need to upload the PDF file to Youblisher and it will do the rest. Just wait for a few seconds and you'll see your file converted and ready to share.

Sharing? Yes, once you'll have uploaded the pdf file, the new virtual magazine will be available in the cloud, so you an share your files in a very attractive way. Pass pages, zoom in and out, move around the page,... it's the most similar to a real book we've found.

It requires Flash.

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